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About Us

Waterlogged Productions is inspired by the fragility, beauty and serenity of the underwater world.

The underwater world is truly an amazing world that is totally mesmerising. The constantly changing environment including changing currents, water temperature, visibility, swells and tides, has a huge i mpact on fish and all underwater creatures, making every dive a new experience. We are clearly "out of water" underwater which makes the adventure all that more exciting, not knowing what will be encountered on the next dive.

Waterlogged Productions is an ongoing love affair of the ocean, operated by Roxanne Streatfeild and partner John Olewicz. Through our passion we have travelled extensively to view and learn about this truly amazing world and capture images that reflect the biology that exists under the ocean.

We have been involved in underwater photography for almost a decade. Roxanne started with a compact digital camera, like most divers entering the world of underwater photography. Camera equipment soon became more advanced hoping to capture and be able to reproduce the wonderful colours and textures as accurately as possible.

Over the years we have learnt that the creatures of the underwater world run the full spectrum of colours, contain delicate and intricate patterns, and are masters of camouflage. We simply try to reproduce nature's delicate beauty through our photographs by capturing the amazing detail of each subject so that we can show you the wonders of the underwater world.

We have had great mentors in our amazing journey, such as Kevin Deacon - Dive 2000, Jeff and Dawn Mullins - Reef, Wreck & Critters and Dave Harasti for assisting us in learning the art of underwater photography and marine biology.

"Bringing the underwater world to the surface" is truly our aim, we don't want to create natures beauty we just want to capture it as accurately as possible.



nuddieWelcome to our underwater gallery, the perfect place to personally view our collection. We have divided our work into four main categories accessible from the Portfolio menu. Each photograph is available on either archival grade canvas or high quality photographic paper.

We use the revolutionary new pigment ink technology - Epson UltraChrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) on archival grade canvas which provides each print an life expectancy of approximately 70 years or more.

All canvas prints are printed on demand as ordered, glazed for added protection, hand stretched on kilne dried strecher bars (frame), or glued directly to a backing board and framed.

Our Gallery is located in Orange, Central West Region of New South Wales, some 250 Kilometres west of Sydney. Private viewings can be arranged at your convenience.

Purchasing Your Print

When you have chosen the print that is right for you, complete the contact form which is on each individual page or simply fill in the contact form if you require any details or just wish to provide us with a comment.

If you prefer you may also email or telephone us for a more personal approach

Email: waterlogged@aapt.net.au
Telphone: 0410025907


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22 Laughton Close
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Tel: 0410025907